Russian-Georgian conflict worsens

This video is called Dictatorship in Georgia.

By Vladimir Volkov:

Further escalation of tensions in the Caucasus between Russia and Georgia

14 July 2008

The first ten days of July have witnessed a new intensification of tensions between Russia and Georgia over the status of two breakaway regions of GeorgiaAbkhazia and South Ossetia.

While unrecognized by the United Nations, both territories are protected by Moscow and the majority of their populations have Russian passports. For its part, Tbilisi is trying to bring them back under its control, counting on the military and political support of the US and NATO.

In South Ossetia, on the night of July 3-4, Georgian troops used mortars, grenade launchers and small arms to fire on the region’s capital, Tskhinvali. According to North Ossetian authorities, one person died and several were wounded.

The missile defense scheme and the sharpening of US-Russian geopolitical tensions: here.

3 thoughts on “Russian-Georgian conflict worsens

  1. [This e-mail was stopped by anti spam software of Blogsome, which probably considered it too lang. In the interests of debate, including with Saakashvili supporters, I restore it here. Administrator]

    Email :
    Author : David Dzidzikashvili
    URL :

    Georgians Did Not Start the War: The Russians Did! And the Russians Did it Because Russia is Very Sick Today With Xenophobia and Nostalgia for the Soviet Empire!

    Since beginning of August 2008, the Russian “Peacekeepers” together with Ossetian illegal militia have been ethnically cleansing Georgian villages and killing innocent civilians! Just think about this…

    Many experts and diplomats wondered whether the Russian government is sick with xenophobia and with the nostalgia of \”good, old Soviet Union\” is trying to revive the forgotten empire. Or maybe they are just playing a very stupid game that will have extremely severe consequences to the future of Russia and its citizens.

    It is not a new fact that the people from Caucasus republics are constantly being discriminated in Russia, are targets of Russian neo-Nazi groups and live second class citizens lives. The Russian government never tried to understand the mentality, culture and social norms of the people from the Caucasus region. Throughout history the Russian empire or the Soviets or Putin\’s regime have been applying one rule to the Caucasus region in order to maintain control over it: divide and conquer! Putin successfully fueled ethnic tensions between various Caucasus nationalities, so they all had to look up to the Russians for help and the roots of this policy date back to Tsar\’s Russian Empire, when the Russians were only able to take control over Caucasus with the help of Caucasus nations, primarily the Georgians. The Georgians thought they were doing a favor and Tsar would leave them alone to govern their own lives, but the Georgians were wrong.

    After the collapse of Soviet Union the Russian government successfully fueled ethnic tensions between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Georgians and Ossetians, Georgians and Abkhazians, Ingushis and Ossetians, etc… This was the only strategy and the only game the Russian rulers played by: fuel hatred, divide the territories, resettle and arm the people so there will be no peace until the Russian soldier places his foot in the region. And of course, the Russian army is known for their outstanding performance in \”peacekeeping\” missions that have carried out, being involved in genocide, ethnic cleansing (Georgians in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Chechen civilians), rape, murder, torture and the list goes on. At the end it seems that the Russian \”peacekeeping mission\” is not that peaceful at all.

    It is evident that the Russian political system always been in shape of a Pyramid, where all the political and economic control spheres of country is divided between a leader (Czar, or Secretary General or Prime Minister) at the top, who has a direct control and right hand support of secret service at one angle and military at the other. This is the heart of the Russian political life and everything else develops around it. With a strong propaganda machine, complete control over Russian citizens is assured, as well as \”democratic\” elections where one candidate always receives the vast majority (if not all) of the votes and there never seems to be opposition to the candidate. And what about the President Medvedev? He is just another toy in Putin\’s closet…

    Putin decided to send a strong signal to the world and wished to overthrow the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, but he failed. He strongly believes that the fate of the Georgian people depends on his wishes and is determine to shape the borders of another sovereign country. This move directly threatens the World Order established after World War II. The current World Order is not perfect, but so far, with its deficiencies it is working.

    After the brief war with Georgia, the Russian government tried to justify its move by saying that the Georgians started the war. Here is the first lie! The Georgian government has been saying since beginning of August 2008 that the situation in South Ossetia is escalating and the Russian \”peacekeepers\” are staging provocations together with illegal armed forces of South Ossetian separatist regime. They started killing Georgian police officers and firing artillery shells at the Georgian villages located in South Ossetia, but the world was preoccupied with getting ready for the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics.

    When the Georgian government officials told the Europeans in Brussels that we were at the brink of war, the Europeans politely warned the Georgians not to use the word \”war\” in the city of Brussels, because they do not like the word \”war.\” It seems that old Europe is getting older each day and with the age, because numerous warnings and cries by the Georgian officials fell on the deaf ears of old Europe. Never mind the fact that it took Hitler conquering Poland and Czechoslovakia, before the Western Europe realized this was a war.

    And what about the Americans? The American society is in the midst of elections, the Democrats want to see Europe take more responsibility for security in Caucasus region, the Republicans are divided and worried about gay marriage and abortion rights… The friends of Georgia in new Europe are trying everything to force the old Europe take harsher approach towards Russia, but Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas and oil.
    Giving up on a young democracy does not seem plausible for the Europeans, but the old Europe is scared of the new Russian bear. The new Russia is controlled by a xenophobic psychopath who has decided to break all the rules of the game, in order to change those rules. And the question comes: how can you stop a bully? Everyone can keep condemning the Russian government, but that paper will wind up in Putin\’s toilet again… The only way to stop a bully is bully up against the bully – simple rule of life.

    With the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the Russian government has proven the world that they will violate international laws whenever they feel like it and they will use aggression in the name of peace as they did in Prague 1968. If the world would not stand up for Georgia, who will be the next prey of the hungry Russian bear? Maybe Ukraine? Or Moldova? Or who knows… The Russian government is as unpredictable as the weather in England…

    The Georgian people are united and stand united, we have survived the onslaught by Mongols, Persians, Arabs, Turk-Seljuks throughout the history and we have still survived and we are not scared of the Russian bear either.

    Just last question to Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin, if you are so concerned about the freedom of small minorities, why not recognize the independence of Chechnya? Then Daghestan? Then Ingushetia? And then all the other autonomous republics where the citizens do not even speak Russian? Think about that at first and then lets discuss the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, after 300,000 Georgian refugees return to their own homes.
    And to my fellow Abkhazian and South Ossetian brothers and sisters. Yes, there will be dancing and celebration in Sokhumi and Tskinvali. Yes, you will be smiling and waving flags – Georgian flags of course….


  2. Hi David Dzidzikashvili, first on the form of your comment.

    It is a lengthy screed about the war from a nationalist-pro Saakashvili viewpoint. It does not directly deal with the content of this blog. You address “Mr Putin”, who, of course, is NOT the author of this blog.

    It has very many capital letters. These look like a form of excitement of the author. While especially in wartime even more than in peacetime, people need to keep rational and cool, and not lose their heads.

    What do you want the European Union and the USA to do? Start a nuclear war against Russia, with hundreds of millions of dead Russians, dead West Europeans, dead Americans, … and yes, probably, dead Georgians, as a consequence?

    Fortunately, many people in Georgia have more peaceful ideas than you. And they certainly do not all support dictator Shaakashvili.

    By the way, your web site’s name is misleading. As it is written, not from an Abkhazian viewpoint, but, apparently from a Greater Georgian nationalist viewpoint which wants to assimilate Abkhazians, Ossetians, etc. etc. by military violence (see also the last paragraph of your comment). That does not work and will not work.

    By the way: which Georgian flag do you mean in your last paragraph? Saakashvili’s party’s flag, or another one (national flags have been changing often in Georgia recently)?

    Also by the way: your site mentions plans by Saakashvili for a “Patriot Act” in Georgia. Saakashvili apparently wants to copy his big brother and butcher of Iraq, Afghanistan,, Somalia, etc., George W. Bush, up to the details. “No civil liberties will be restricted” by the Act, Saakashvili says, as hypocritically as Bush; as, of course, civil liberties in the USA suffered from the “Patriot Act” there.

    Though your site, as it says, is financed, by US AID, it apparently has nicked its layout from British daily The Guardian. Will The Guardian like that?

    All the neo nazis in Russia, execrable thought they are, are of course never an excuse for *your* xenophobia.

    See for an Ossetian student’s interview in a Dutch newspaper: here.


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