Obama beats McCain five to one in Britain

This video from the USA is about John McCain flip flopping on subjects like the war for oil.

From British daily The Guardian:

US election 2008: Britain’s backing Obama: Democrat beats McCain by five votes to one

* Julian Glover and Ewen MacAskill in Washington

* Monday July 14, 2008

Barack Obama is overwhelmingly Britain’s choice to be the next US president, five times more popular than his Republican rival, John McCain, a Guardian/ICM poll shows today. Carried out ahead of the Democratic candidate’s visit to Britain next week, the poll reveals that 53% feel certain he would make the best president, with only 11% favouring McCain; 36% declined to express an opinion.

Obama will soon set off on a marathon trip that will take in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Jordan, Germany, France and, lastly, Britain.

In elections, only the votes of citizens of the country involved count usually. This is also true for presidential elections in the USA, which has evolved into more of a global empire than the republic as seen by its eighteenth century founders.

It looks somewhat bitter for people in the over 100 countries where United States troops are stationed that they have in these circumstances no vote in US presidential elections. As it looks bitter for not so rich people in the USA that rich ‘insider’ people, though they, like other voters, have only one vote, have their ways of having disproportionate political influence; that elections may be tampered with, like in 2000 and 2004; etc.

“How the War Will End in Iraq” -Immanuel Wallerstein on Obama, Sadr, etc: here.

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