More Iraqi torture claims against British occupiers

This video from the USA is called Abu Ghraib covered up, Congress misled by Rumsfeld.

From British daily The Guardian:

MoD faces legal action after teenage Iraqi claims sexual humiliation by soldiers

· Ten other alleged victims tell of beatings and abuse
· Call for cases to be part of death in custody inquiry

* Richard Norton-Taylor and Audrey Gillan

* Monday July 14, 2008

The Ministry of Defence is facing fresh court action over as many as 11 cases of alleged abuse of Iraqis, including the alleged sexual humiliation of a teenage boy by British soldiers at a base near Basra in 2003, it emerged yesterday.

One allegation is that a boy of 14 was forced to carry out oral sex on another male detainee at Camp Breadbasket, a British-run camp near Basra. He has been identified only as Hassan.

See also here.

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