Jurassic dinosaurs in Scotland and Wyoming, USA

This video is called Top 6 Largest Theropods.

From Scotland on Sunday:

How dinosaurs sped over the land to Skye

Published Date: 13 July 2008

By Marc Horne

THE arid plains of Wyoming and the rugged, rain-soaked mountains of Skye are a world apart, but scientists now believe the two areas were once so close together they formed a giant playground for some of the biggest and most ferocious creatures the planet has ever seen.

The similarity is so striking that paleontologists believe the dinosaurs roamed the same landscape, before the continents drifted apart and the Atlantic Ocean was formed.

Dinosaur expert Dr Neil Clark of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum believes the two areas have compelling prehistoric connections.

He said: “The dinosaur footprints in Red Gulch are very similar to those found near Staffin on Skye. They are both of exactly the same age. At the time they were made Skye was a lot closer to what is now North America and may have allowed a migration of dinosaurs between Skye and America.” …

Evidence of dinosaurs on Scottish soil was rare until 1982 when a single ornithopod [see also here] footprint was discovered at Skye’s Brothers Point. …

The footprints found in both Skye and Wyoming are believed to have been created by theropods, tiny scavenging dinosaurs with curved, dagger-like teeth and claws for eating flesh.

We’re in western America in the late Jurassic period, and a herd of Camarasaurus dinosaurs is on the move. It’s the dry season and the giants are running out of water. Fortunately, they know exactly where to find a drink: a range of volcanic highlands to the west. To quench their titanic thirst, they must head for the hills. Now, 150 million years later, Henry Fricke from Colorado College had discovered a way of reconstructing their migration: here.

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