British anti racist music, 1978-2008

This is a Shifty Mayhem music video, In Unity Radio.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Imagining a better world

(Friday 11 July 2008)

ALBUM: Rock Against Racism Compilation 1978-2008, various artists.

HUGH TYNAN hears two generations of courageous music.

Love Music Hate Racism has released this Rock Against Racism Compilation 1978-2008, and an excellent album it is too.

Containing some 15 typically upbeat tracks with poetic lyrics, the album showcases the socially conscious side of artists – some already well known – from a wide range of musical genres.

The album opens with Shifty Mayhem’s a cappella track Freestyle, which envisions a world without racism, before moving into the rousing rock of The Paddingtons‘ pugnacious Stand Down.

Next, Tinie Tempah shows that he has the verbal dexterity of Eminem on one of the album’s stand-out tracks, Wasteman. It sounds like a So Solid Crew anti-racist reworking of Babylon Zoo’s 1996 chart hit Spaceman. …

The CD is available from LMHR on or [in Britain] (020) 7801-2781.

4 thoughts on “British anti racist music, 1978-2008

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