British helicopter shoots British soldiers in Afghanistan

This video from Britain is called Anti-War Protest as Blair Resigns and Brown Takes Over.

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Nine paratroopers wounded by British helicopter gunship in Afghan ‘friendly fire’ disaster

By Matthew Hickley

Last updated at 8:48 AM on 11th July 2008

Nine British paratroopers have been wounded in a ‘friendly fire’ incident in Afghanistan as they came under fire from a British helicopter gunship. …

An investigation was under way today to understand how the so-called ‘blue-on-blue’ incident happened, despite strict procedures designed to help pilots identify friendly troops.

The Ministry of Defence said three men suffered life-threatening injuries at the scene and were flown to the main British base at Camp Bastion following the battle on Wednesday afternoon.

One man is in a critical condition and has been flown back to Britain, while two others are stable in a field hospital. Six soldiers have returned to duty. The families of all nine men have been informed.

The injured men were all from 2 Para, the unit which suffered five fatalities in fighting in Helmand Province last month.

According to sources close to the regiment one of those wounded in Wednesday’s battle was a platoon commander who had just returned to Afghanistan after attending the funerals of two other Paras who were killed in another firefight last month. …

Last month brought the worst casualty figures since British forces first deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 with 13 UK servicemen and women killed in the just 21 days, including Cpl Sarah Bryant, the first British female soldier to die in Afghanistan.

The total number of troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001 is 110.

Why is morale in the British military so low, and is the mood justified? Here.

Talking about Afghanistan: Dutch TV, covering the Tour de France cycling race, thought it would be a good idea to have as a guest Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, general secretary of NATO. Who used this sports broadcast to make propaganda for the war in Afghanistan, without any critical questions from the (sports) reporters … Remember the talk by conservatives about the “liberal media”?

Even if during one year, there would be just a one second glimpse of just one opponent of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on national TV, the neo-conservatives would not stop their moaning about “liberal media”.

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