After London Deputy Mayor resignation, more Conservative problems

This music video from England is called Boris Johnson Song (Foundations by Kate Nash).

From The Guardian daily in England:

London assembly to investigate Boris Johnson‘s appointment of advisers

* Staff and agencies

* Wednesday July 9, 2008

An investigation is to be launched into Boris Johnson‘s appointment of key staff and advisers at city hall, the London assembly announced today.

The move follows the resignation of two of the mayor’s most senior appointees in the space of two weeks.

Ray Lewis, the deputy mayor for young people, was forced to stand down on Friday, following allegations of financial irregularities and inappropriate behaviour, while James McGrath, Johnson’s deputy chief of staff resigned over race-related remarks he made to a journalist.

In a statement, the assembly said its investigation would look at four key questions:

• How did Johnson pick his senior city hall policy advisers?

• Were proper recruitment procedures followed?

• Was the mayor properly advised about the use of his powers of appointment?

• What lessons can be learnt for future changes of administration at city hall? …

The motion was seconded by Mike Tuffrey AM, who said:

“Boris Johnson promised Londoners an end to cronyism at city hall with transparency and clarity about the appointment of advisers and their interests. What we heard today from Tim Parker failed to address the issues about appointments exposed by the recent resignations.”

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