Italian Leftist folk musicians Ned Ludd

This music video is called Ned Ludd – Lavoro e dignità.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Ludd is not a dirty word

(Tuesday 08 July 2008)

Red Folk with Mike Newman

MIKE NEWMAN listens to an Italian acoustic band informed by politics – and is left impressed.

Ned Ludd. You’ve heard the name, read the book, very probably got the T-shirt as well. Now you can hear the music – courtesy of the Italian folk-roots band of the same name.

Ned Ludd play south Italian acoustic folk music with Celtic influences, played with punk attitude. And, it has to be said, it works very well.

Ned Ludd’s new CD is called Lavoroedignita, which translates to Work And Dignity. Over 30 musicians combine to make this an exhilarating release with musicianship of the highest quality and with politics firmly kept to the fore.

Think of the Clash, Blowzabella, Public Enemy and you won’t go far wrong. …

“We’d like to bring our music abroad to meet other musicians, visit other countries and show that Italy is not only Silvio Berlusconi. The road is hard as we are a self-produced Italian folk band, but the fight is on.”

Indeed it is.

Lavoredignita was released at the tale end on 2007 and is now available in Britain through where you can also hear samples from the CD.

The White House has apologized for circulating briefing materials which described Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as an amateur presiding over an administration of corruption and vice who is hated by many.

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