US blogger Rebecca Schoenkopf, ‘Commie Girl’, interviewed

This video from the USA is called FourStory: Rebecca [Schoenkopf] Realizes She’s White.

From British daily The Morning Star:

I’m a wild-eyed freak

(Monday 07 July 2008)

Interview: DANIEL COYSH meets US journalist and blogger REBECCA SCHOENKOPF, aka Commie Girl, says it’s hard to be a Democrat in California.

It’s a gorgeous sunny afternoon, yet I’m approaching the Soho office of progressive publishers Verso with a degree of trepidation.

Some weeks ago now, I reviewed the first book by Commie Girl, the hilariously acerbic columnist and blogger from Orange County, California.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed her writing, I offered a number of minor caveats, which you have to do if you’re a proper book reviewer.

I might have mentioned that, while an admirable form of self-identification in Bush’s US, “Commie Girl” was not entirely accurate from what I’d read, which seemed more like a combative left-liberalism.

Seeing as Commie Girl could never be accused of holding back in her writing, the invitation to meet her under her real life guise of journalist Rebecca Schoenkopf was a little worrying. One only likes to cause offence if the victim is at a safe distance, after all.

It was all pointless worry, as it turned out. Schoenkopf greets me with a full-beam smile and her very first gambit is to inform me that she found my criticisms to be spot on.

“The book does have a certain amount of filler and I guess the left is a little harder over here,” she says.

“I am a Democrat, not a communist, though, in Orange County, that’s close enough for most people, hence the name. Over here, I’d probably be sort of stodgy and conservative, but, over there, I’m a wild-eyed freak.”

In fact, I’m so thoroughly disarmed before we even start the interview that my plans to grill her on Marxist theory evaporate into a fog of bon mots and beer.

Instead, we talk of the impending US presidential elections and the recent tussle over the Democratic candidature.

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