Hawaiian geese, sacred ibis, in Dutch nature reserve

This is a video of a male greenfinch eating sunflower seeds.

This Saturday, to Botshol nature reserve and Waverhoek nature reserve in the Netherlands.

First, to Waverhoek. It has only been a nature reserve for a few years by now; however, it already is very beautiful.

Just before arriving in Waverhoek, a tufted duck with young in a canal.

At Waverhoek, very many grey lag geese. A female greenfinch on a bush; a male greenfinch on a fence.

Along the water’s edge, many redshanks and black-tailed godwits. Also, a wood sandpiper. And a ringed plover. And a little ringed plover. An avocet. A spotted redshank.

Reed warblers singing.

Spoonbills; most of them sleepy. Juvenile shelducks. A juvenile and an adult black tern fly past.

Then, twelve Hawaiian geese. Decades ago, this species was on the brink of extinction. Now, apparently, after escapes from waterfowl collections, they are a breeding species in the Netherlands.

An Egyptian goose. A bit further, a greater white fronted goose. This species usually is here only in winter. It played a role in a biological study about Botshol in winter, which also involved great egrets and voles. However, this one has a broken wing; so it was not able to follow the other geese to the breeding grounds in the north.

This is a video about harvesting reed in Botshol.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly on a thistle.

A male ruff, with still much of its breeding season collar.

A greenshank.

A six-spot burnet moth on a thistle.

A common blue damselfly. A red admiral.

A kingfisher flies past. And a stock dove.

Many barn swallows. A chiffchaff sings.

A sacred ibis flies past. This species, originally from Africa, then from waterfowl collections, can also sometimes be seen in the wild in the Netherlands.

We walk to the Waver river and Botshol. A male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly sits on the footpath.

We pass a waterfowl collection near the river. It includes grey lag geese; Coscoroba swans; swan geese; barnacle geese; lesser Canada geese; and Muscovy ducks.

Back in Waverhoek reserve: goldfinches. A female garganey.

Several small copper butterflies; see also here.

Finally, a curlew flies past.

White butterflies in the Netherlands: here.

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