Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor resigns in London scandal

This video from England is called Boris Johnson’s face when Ray Lewis tries to defend himself.

The Conservative Deputy Mayor of London has resigned in a financial and sexual scandal.

News item from just before the resignation became official; from British weekly The Observer:

London mayor Boris under fresh fire over deputy

* Gaby Hinsliff and Jamie Doward

* Sunday July 6, 2008

Boris Johnson was last night accused of serious errors of judgment after fresh holes emerged in the story of his former deputy mayor, Ray Lewis.

The mayor’s office repeatedly insisted that Lewis was not aware of allegations of financial and sexual misconduct made against him by parishioners and had not even been told by the Church of England that he was disbarred from holding office in 1999. That appeared to explain why Lewis had not declared damaging facts during vetting for his post.

But that defence was dramatically undermined last night when church sources said Lewis actually appealed against the revoking of his licence in 2000, when he returned to Britain after working overseas.

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s return to “traditional Tory values”: here.

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