Edvard Munch, painting and politics

This video is called Edvard Munch.

By Mike Marqusee in Britain, originally from The Hindu in India:

Munch’s very real phantoms

In celebration of the return of “The Scream” to museums, Mike Marqusee recounts the painting’s remarkable life, and that of its creator, Edvard Munch.

July 3, 2008

FOUR YEARS after it was stolen by masked gunmen in broad daylight, and two years after it was recovered in still undisclosed circumstances, “The Scream” has gone back on display at the Munch Museum in Oslo. …

Part of Munch‘s genius lies in his evocation of isolation; but though mentally embattled from an early age, he was not an entirely isolated genius. As a young man he was drawn into Oslo’s bohemian counter-culture, where he was exposed to anarchist and revolutionary ideas.

He enjoyed friendships with a wide range of contemporary Scandinavian and European artists and writers, who saw Munch’s work as part of a broader avant-garde challenge to a complacent establishment. An establishment that reacted accordingly, condemning the subject, tone and technique of Munch’s groundbreaking paintings of the 1890s. He was not accepted as the master he obviously was until he was past 40.

In 1937, the Nazis condemned Munch’s work as “degenerate” and sold off the scores of Munch paintings held in German museums. When they occupied Norway in 1940, Munch refused to have anything to do with them. He confessed to a friend that the “phantoms” that had haunted him for years had been put in the shade by the giant “phantom” at loose in the real world.

Munch’s Vampire: here.

Edvard Munch’s iconic artwork The Scream sold for $120m: here.

Hedge fund billionaire named as buyer of “The Scream” for $120 million: here.

Occupy’s Lockout: Sotheby’s Struggle Enters Tenth Month. Josh Eidelson, In These Times: “Sotheby’s New York auction house made international headlines last week, selling Edvard Much’s painting ‘The Scream’ for a record $119.9 million. But few stories mentioned what was happening outside the auction: picketing by 150 artists, activists, and locked-out art handlers. ‘Tonight, the irony persists,’ said Sotheby’s worker Julian Tysh. ‘Sotheby’s is selling a copy of “The Scream” – an artful interpretation of human anguish and suffering – and they’re going to profit tremendously tonight, while at the same time they continue to create anguish and suffering among their own workforce'”: here.

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