Rare grasswrens of Australia

Carpentarian grasswrenFrom ABC in Australia:

Secretive birds to be coaxed out for study

Posted Wed Jul 2, 2008 8:49am AEST

Birdwatchers are planning to play recorded bird calls over loudspeakers to survey two rare species in north-west Queensland this month.

The study will estimate numbers of the Kalkadoon and Carpentarian grasswrens in the Mt Isa region and determine how fires affect their population.

Dr Graham Harrington from Birds Australia says it is believed to be the biggest survey of grasswrens undertaken in the country.

“They will walk for two kilometres playing the calls on an MP3 player every 200 metres and watching like a hawk for the birds to show themselves,” he said.

“We’ll stir them up hopefully and get them to show themselves.

“The Carpentarian grasswren is extremely difficult to see, it’s a very secretive bird.”

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