Rare dragonflies in England

This is a video about damselflies and drtagonflies.

From Wildlife Extra:

June 2008. A rare dragonfly has moved into the turning ponds at the Caen Hill locks on the Kennet and Avon canal in Devizes. It is the first time that the scarce chaser dragonfly (Libellula fulva) a British Red Data Book species, has been recorded at this spot.

According to Steve Covey, the County Recorder for dragonflies and damselflies, it is likely that climate change is behind its appearance, because as temperatures warm up dragonflies are using habitats they previously considered to be unsuitable.

“A well-used canal like the Kennet and Avon makes good hunting but poor breeding grounds for dragonflies because there is so much turbulence. But at Caen Hill I found young newly emerged scarce chasers, which indicates they are actually breeding there. The ponds provide a suitable habitat for them as they receive flowing water but are much quieter than the main stretch.” …

The Cotswold Water Park (CWP) in the north of the county is also creating its own Atlas and results from both will feed into a five-year programme run by the British Dragonfly Society to map dragonfly distribution around the UK. …

In 2006 both he and Steve recorded a new species for the CWP and for Wiltshire, the lesser emperor, which comes from the Continent, and in 2007 were able to confirm that it was actually breeding on one of the lakes. “We are finding that some species are responding to climate change by becoming less fussy about where they live,” says Gareth.

Dragonflies in the Netherlands: here.

Dragonfly migration: here.

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