Fascist cult accused of enslaving girls

This video from the USA is called Carolyn Jessop – Escaping from the FLDS.

Translated from Dutch daily De Pers:

Argentina: court case against cult leaders

‘Cult imprisons women’

By Paul Scheltus

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Two Spanish priests are accused of enslaving women in a small town in Argentina.

‘Blind obedience is not an error.’ The slogan of Servi Trinitatis [Slaves of the Trinity] is clear; as becomes apparent in Argentina, where two priests of the Roman Catholic cult Servi Trinitatis are accused of enslaving young women.

The Spaniards Antonio Martinez and Ricardo Latorreare accused of imprisoning seven women in a house in the small town Santa Rosa. The women hardly eat; their knees are callous from praying; they have handed all their possessions, credit cards included, to the priests.


Omar Gebruers, lawyer of the girls’ families and of ex-denizens in thee house, says this. He wants to see the two priests convicted for enslavement and embezzlement.

‘The girls are not allowed to have meat, milk, or sweets, as these are supposed to lead to “lasciviousness”. They are allowed to have a shower once a week; however, with their clothes on and the lights off’, Gebruers says about the situation …

Though the meals of the rank and file members are extremely simple, the two Spanish priests turn out to be less restrictive about their own eating. A woman who used to live there says that both gentlemen typically dine and wine very luxuriously. A glass of sherry and alcoholic sweets first, then a shrimp cocktail, then ham in a wine sauce. Finally, pears in Port wine. The priests finish the dinner with a loud ‘Viva Franco.’

Meaning Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator, brought to power by Adolf Hitler.

See also on this scandal, here, in Argentinean daily El Clarín.

Frank Buchman, Moral Re-Armament, and nazism: here.

2 thoughts on “Fascist cult accused of enslaving girls

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    Feb. 1, 2014 7:33 AM EST

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has told members of a controversial missionary movement that they must respect local customs and the guidance of local bishops as they spread the faith.

    Francis met Saturday with several thousand members of the Neocatechumenal Way, a community founded in Spain in the 1960s that seeks to train Catholic adults in their faith and is known for sending large families as missionaries around the world.

    While appreciating the movement’s religious zeal, bishops in Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia have accused the movement of wreaking chaos in their dioceses and have tried to limit its activities. The Vatican has also questioned its unusual liturgical practices.

    Francis encouraged 40 new missionary teams but said their priority must be church unity, even at the expense of their own practices.


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