Afghans interviewed on war

This video is called Afghanistan Civilian Casualties in Helmand (August 2007) .

Dutch daily De Pers on 26 June 2008 published a report on Uruzgan province in Afghanistan, occupied by Dutch and other foreign soldiers, by journalist Arnold Karskens.

For the report, Karskens interviewed Afghan people of Uruzgan province. Though the people interviewed probably expressed their views through a filter of self censorship, being occupied and the journalist being from the same nationality as the occupation soldiers, they still convey something of the people’s views.

From Mr “>Karskens’ report:

Name: Asadullah
Age: 46 years
Profession: Money changer …

[Prediction for the] Situation in 2010: ‘In two years’ time, the safety will not be good, as the foreign soldiers enter homes without permission and interrogate women. People do not like that and will resist.’

Foreign soldiers: ‘Foreign soldiers bring nothing but misery. The Russians destroyed Afghanistan; they did not “reconstruct” anything. The same thing is happening now. Just destruction and more destruction.’ …

Name: Mira Jhan
Age: 50
Profession: Policeman. ‘Traffic police.’ …

‘Last month, a girl was killed by a Range Rover vehicle of the national army. Military drivers often speed.’ …

Foreign soldiers: ‘They do not stop for us. Apparently, they do not know our traffic laws.’ …

Name: Haji Abdul Kajum
Age: 55
Profession: Owner of Hotel Speen. ‘That means the white hotel.’ …

Foreign soldiers: ‘My guests tell me about people being arrested by Australian and Dutch soldiers on suspicion of being Taliban supporters, which is often untrue.’

Opinion poll in Uruzgan on foreign soldiers: here.

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