British paedophile nazi found guilty of terrorism

This is a video from Britain called BNP + NF Pedos Martyn Gilleard, Roderick Rowley, Ian Hindle + Andrew Wells.

From British daily The Guardian:

Nazi supporter guilty of terror plans and possessing child porn

* Jo Adetunji

* Wednesday June 25, 2008

A Nazi sympathiser, described by police as extremely dangerous, has been found guilty of planning acts of terrorism and of possessing child pornography after investigators found homemade bombs and indecent images of children at his home.

Martyn Gilleard, 31, a forklift truck driver from Goole, east Yorkshire, pleaded guilty in two separate cases at Leeds crown court after police found “significant” volumes of extreme right-wing literature, weapons, ammunition and homemade explosives in his flat last October.

About 39,000 indecent images of children were also seized.

Humberside police, searching only for the child pornography, found the racist material and called in the Leeds counter-terrorism unit. Gunpowder, fuses, camouflage clothing, balaclavas, a bomb making manual, telescopic sights, knives, a machete and rifle, were discovered. Residents were evacuated as bomb disposal experts removed the explosive material.

A jacket bearing a swastika with lettering alluding to the far-right group Combat 18, was found at the timber yard where Gilleard worked. Police said that, when arrested, Gilleard was a paid-up member of the National Front, the British People’s party, and the White Nationalist party.

See also here.

There are also paedophile nazi leaders in other countries, like the Netherlands; see here.

An article at UK Indymedia mentions that police discovered Gilleard’s ‘plans to bomb mosques’.

British self styled “Decent Left”, in reality more often indecent racist, blog “Harry’s Place” (no, I am not linking to them), writing on this, uses the Rightist trick of blaming the (intended) victim; in this case, Muslims. It spuriously suggests that wannabe killer of Muslims Martyn Gilleard might want to convert to Islam, not basing this on anything. Harry’s Place already has the Islamophobia, and the pro Iraq war propaganda just like British neo-nazi chickenhawks, so it would be far less of a contorted form of imagination to imagine them converting to open neo-nazism.

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