Big dinosaur discovered in New Zealand

This video is called Titanosaur tribute.

From the New Zealand Press Agency:

Monster dinosaur that roamed NZ revealed

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

One of the largest known dinosaurs, a titanosaurid, once roamed New Zealand about 80 million years ago, it has been revealed.

A Havelock North fossil hunter, Joan Wiffen, discovered a vertebra bone in a stream bed in Hawke’s Bay in 1999 but the find has only recently been published in a science journal and scientific protocol was to publicise work only when it has been peer reviewed and published.

The bone has been identified as coming from the giant plant-eating sauropod group known as the Titanosauroidea.

GNS Science said this was the first evidence that titanosaurids once lived in New Zealand.

Wiffen found the bone during a routine fossil-hunting trip in a tributary of the Te Hoe River west of Mohaka in northern Hawke’s Bay. It was not known if the fossil was from a juvenile or an adult.

Titanosaurids were widespread globally and lived during the Cretaceous period, between 83 and 65 million years ago. They had small heads, a long neck and tail, and a large body. They were up to 45 metres in length and weighed up to 50 tonnes.

She said fossil-hunters liked to explore streams after heavy rain as water could expose previously hidden fossil-bearing boulders.

“I saw a partly exposed concretion (sedimentary rock) about the size of a rugby ball in the stream bank. I dug it out and asked a colleague to break it open with a hammer.

“I immediately saw a bone structure inside that looked different from the bone of a marine reptile.

“To be honest it’s a fairly non-descript and incomplete bone. It is heavily eroded and that’s because it must have been transported in a riverbed for some time before it was buried.”

Storms would have carried the bone down stream to what would have been a coastal lagoon or estuary 80 million years ago. …

Wiffen and her team have now discovered fossil bones and bone fragments from six dinosaur species that lived in New Zealand. Three were meat eaters and three were herbivores.

They have also discovered fossils of marine reptiles, notably mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, and the flying reptile – the pterosaur.

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