US whitewash of Haditha massacre in Iraq

This video is about the Haditha massacre.

From Alternet in the USA:

People of Haditha: “This is an Organized Crime”

By Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation. Posted June 23, 2008.

The tragedy of the Haditha massacre in November 2005 has now been compounded by a judicial whitewash and coverup.

Small tragedies can get lost in a big war, but it is sad and troubling that, so far at least, it looks like no one is going to have to pay for the November, 2005, massacre of 24 civilians in Haditha, Iraq. That’s the mostly Sunni city in which, at the height of the insurgency, U.S. Marines mowed down a carful of unarmed Iraqi men, apparently shooting them point blank as they lay on the ground, and then stormed into surrounding homes where they butchered men, women, and children.

So the tragedy of the massacre is now compounded by the tragedy of a judicial whitewash and coverup. As Bob Dylan wrote in “The Lonesome Ballad [sic; Lonesome Death] of Hattie Carroll,” about a maid slaughtered by her employer who was then given a six-month sentence for murder: “Now is the time for your tears.”

Retired [United States] General [Taguba]: “The Current Administration Has Committed War Crimes”; here.

Report: Iraq social and refugee crisis is worsening: here.

US Anti-War Soldier Jonathan Hutto: People, Not Politicians, Will End the War in Iraq.

Media Tell Us About Iraq War-Oil Connection Five Years After the Fact: here.

From Press TV:

25 Jun 2008

Six members of a family have been killed in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit when their house came under attack by an American warplane.

Iraqi police announced that four children lost their lives in the assault which took place early Wednesday.

Four women were in the area but were turned over unharmed to the Iraqi police.

Iraqi refugees: here.

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