More new fish species discovered

This aquarium video is called Dicrossus filamentosus (young fish).

More new fish species keep being discovered.

From Practical Fishkeeping:

German scientists have described a third species of checkerboard cichlid (Dicrossus) from Colombia.

Ingo Schindler and Wolfgang Staeck describe the new species as Dicrossus gladicauda in the latest issue of the journal Vertebrate Zoology.

Also from Practical Fishkeeping:

A new species of tetra related to the rosy tetra has been described from eastern Brazil.

The description of the new species, named Hyphessobrycon khardinae by German scientist Axel Zarske, is published in the latest issue of the journal Vertebrate Zoology.

Also from Practical Fishkeeping:

The new catfish, named Gogo atratus by Heok Hee Ng, John Sparks and Paul Loiselle, is known from the lower reaches of the Mananara du Nord River drainage in the northeastern highlands of Madagascar.

And today, even a new fish genus. From Practical Fishkeeping:

New North American cyprinid genus described

Scientists from the USA and Mexico have described a new North American cyprinid genus in a recent issue of the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

The new genus, named Tampichthys, was described as part of a study on the molecular phylogeny of the North American cyprinid genus Dionda by Susana Schönhuth, Ignacio Doadrio, Omar Dominguez-Dominguez, David Hillis and Richard Mayden.

The authors used one mitochondrial (cytb) and three nuclear gene sequences (S7, Rhodopsin, Rag1) totaling 4487 nucleotides to examine the phylogenetic relationships of 15 species of Dionda and 34 species of closely-related North American cyprinids.

The authors found that members of the genus Dionda were not monophyletic, with six species (D. rasconis, D. ipni, D. erimyzonops, D. mandibu[l]aris, D. dichromus and D. catostomops) being more closely related to another genus (Codoma) than to all other species of Dionda.

These six species, which occur in east-central Mexico (principally inhabiting the upper waters of the Pánuco–Tamesí drainage), were thus described as belonging to a new genus, Tampichthys. The name of the genus means “fish from the Tampico Embayment drainage of Mexico” in Greek.

Lake Victoria cichlids: here.

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