Giant clams released into the wild in the Philippines

This video is called Tubbataha Reef of Philippines New7Wonders Nominee.

From Wildlife Extra:

June 2008 – Philippines. A fresh batch of 40 True Giant Clams (Tridacna gigas) have just completed the journey from rearing laboratories in Bolinao to their new homes on Santelmo Reef.

Santelmo Reef is the Hamilo Coast’s prized snorkelling site. An area once blasted by dynamite fishers, it has, with help from WWF -been regenerating for several years. Here new corals sprout alongside giant Porites boulders encrusted with legions of Christmas tree worms.

See also here. And here.

Asian coral reefs recovering strongly 4 years after the Tsunami: here.

NOAA report states half of US coral reefs in ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ condition: here.

5 thoughts on “Giant clams released into the wild in the Philippines

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