Britain violates children’s rights

This video from Britain is called Barnardo’s – the trap of child poverty.

By Julie Hyland:

Report to United Nations indicts Britain for mistreating children

18 June 2008

A report by four children’s commissioners representing England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland paints a picture of the UK as a cruel place for many young people, who face officially sanctioned neglect as regards their social, cultural and emotional needs and punitive action for any real or perceived misdemeanour.

The report—presented to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child on Wednesday, June 11—evaluates the situation facing young people in the UK against the child-specific rights and needs set out in the UN Convention of the same name, which has been ratified by all member countries except the United States and Somalia.

It followed strong criticisms of the UK in 2002 over child poverty, the over-use of the criminal justice system against children, discrimination against young asylum-seekers and the extent of violence against children, which the committee stated represented a “serious violation of the dignity of the child.”

Despite the appointment of children’s commissioners in line with the UN findings, the latest report warns that the UK has fallen “well short” of meeting its requirements.

The commissioners state that many of the UN’s earlier recommendations were not effectively implemented, and that “Some things have actually got worse.”

The report comes just 16 months after UNICEF found that the US and Britain were the worst countries in the major industrialised nations in which to be a child.

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