Dabchicks, damselflies, and roe deer

This is a video of a stonechat, near Crailo nature bridge.

And this is a video of a kingfisher, also near Crailo nature bridge.

We did not see either of those two species when we went to that area today; however, we did see many other beautiful animals and plants.

The young grey lag geese and coots had become much bigger than last time, though still a bit smaller than the adults.

Sounds of edible frogs and reed warblers. And of a little grebe. I had heard that sound before on this lake, but had not seen the dabchick making it. Neither did I this time.

A great cormorant flying upwards from the water.

Many small fish, probably three-spined sticklebacks.

Also many damselflies: common blue damselflies. Also a few of their bigger distant relatives, black-tailed skimmer dragonflies.

On a bank, a northern lapwing, with three chicks.

Swifts flying overhead.

Piptoporus betulinus fungus on a birch tree.

A very small young frog, just about one centimeter in size, crosses the cycling path. Probably a common frog.

The dabchicks of the northern lake, which we have seen during earlier visits, are still there.

When we go back, we see a roe buck. We also see a dabchick on the southern lake for the first time.

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