Birds of Boa Nova, Brazil

This is a video about Brazilian Atlantic forest birds.

From BirdLife:

Boa Nova, which occupies a transitional area between the Atlantic Forest and the Caatinga, is one of SAVE Brasil’s 16 priority IBAs [Important Bird Areas] (out of a total of 167), because of its exceptionally high biodiversity and the severity of the threats it faces … .

Boa Nova is home to at least 382 bird species, including the Endangered Slender Antbird Rhopornis ardesiacus, and the near-threatened Narrow-billed Antwren Formicivora iheringi, both confined to a small area of Eastern Brazil which includes Boa Nova.

The journal Evolution reported recently that some birds evolve to imitate the songs of another species in order to communicate—and compete—more effectively. The yellow-breasted warbling antbird and the Peruvian warbling antbird live side by side in the Amazon rain forest. To test the theory that songs can become increasingly convergent over time to allow competing species to communicate, researchers with the University of Oxford visited three sites where the species live together and two where they do not: here.

New to ARKive: the bananal antbird: here.

Sérgio Cabral, Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has signed an historic decree creating an important new protected area – The Costa do Sol State Park. The new park is the only place in the world that the Critically Endangered Restinga Antwren Formicivora littoralis is found and encompasses 9,840 hectares of unique habitat – the Restinga de Maçambaba – that has been long-identified as a priority IBA by SAVE Brasil (BirdLife in Brazil): here.

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