Mediterranean sharks decline catastrophically

This is a video about sharks.

From Wildlife Extra:

New scientific study shows shark numbers in the Mediterranean have crashed by 99%

June 2008. A new scientific study funded in part by the Lenfest Ocean Program has concluded that all shark species assessed in the Mediterranean Sea declined by more than 97 percent in abundance and “catch weight” over the last 200 years.

The findings of the study, Shark Declines in the Mediterranean Sea: A Summary of New Scientific Analysis, published in the journal Conservation Biology, suggest several Mediterranean shark species are at risk of extinction, especially if current levels of fishing pressure continue. …

Only five species of sharks offered sufficient information for analysis, including the blue shark, one thresher shark species, two mackerel shark species, and one hammerhead shark species. The authors combined the two mackerel shark species for the analysis because of ambiguity in some of the data sets regarding species identification.

The blue, smooth hammerhead and thresher sharks were classified as “Vulnerable” according to the latest IUCN-World conservation Union Red List Criteria for extinction risk. Two mackerel sharks, porbeagle and shortfin mako, were classified as “critically endangered”. Many other large sharks are classified as “Data Deficient”.

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