Irish voters reject Lisbon treaty

This is an Irish video against the Lisbon treaty.

From RTÉ News in Ireland:

Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty.

With results in from all 43 constituencies, the Lisbon Treaty has been defeated by a margin of 53.4% to 46.6%.

A total of 752,451 people voted in favour of the treaty and 862,415 voted against.

Just 10 constituencies – Clare, Dublin South, Dublin South East, Dublin North, Dublin North Central, Dún Laoghaire, Kildare North, Laois Offaly, Carlow Kilkenny and Meath East – voted in favour of the Treaty.

Congratulations to the electorate in Ireland. They have used their democratic right to vote on the Lisbon treaty; a right denied to the voters of all other European countries.

From British daily The Morning Star:

THE Lisbon treaty is dead, killed off by the Irish people in the only country to allow its citizens a vote on this shameful cowboy copy of the long-defunct European Union constitution.

In killing it off, the Irish people showed that they were not about to be bamboozled by the slimy doublespeak of nearly the whole of their political Establishment, with the honourable exceptions of Sinn Fein and the Communist Party of Ireland.

They have refused to trade off their sovereignty for a mess of vague pledges on “fundamental rights” which have been already compromised by some very dodgy decisions in the European courts and have opted to retain democratic control of their own affairs, rather than pass them over like a suit of old clothes to some unaccountable and uncontrollable EU “president.”

As one Irishman said on the streets of Dublin: “I don’t like having my arm twisted, I don’t like being threatened and I don’t like the way the EU is run.”

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Update 16 June 2008: here.

Steve Bell cartoon on this: here.

Mandelson: I’m not to blame for Irish EU ‘no’ vote: here.

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