EU referendum votes being counted in Ireland

This video from Ireland is called Gerry Adams [of Sinn Fein] Asks For No Vote In Lisbon Referendum.

From RTÉ News in Ireland:

As sorting of votes progresses in the Lisbon Referendum, fuller tallies are becoming available which are likely to be a better indicator of the outcome. …

The No vote was strong in many rural areas and in working class districts of cities, while middle class areas appeared to be less supportive of the treaty than had been anticipated.

In urban areas, middle class areas by and large appear to have voted in favour of the Treaty – but not by the normal large margin, and not by enough to counteract the large No in working class areas.

Turnout is estimated to have been in the mid-40s percentage range. After years of negotiation and months of debate, the fate of the Lisbon Treaty will be known within hours.

The final official result is expected to be announced late this afternoon, but tallies from the 43 constituencies should give a good indication of the likely outcome late this morning.

Each constituency counts its own votes separately, and then sends the result to the Referendum Returning Officer in Dublin Castle, who will announce the overall result.

If, indeed, the No campaigners will manage to win this referendum, it will be a victory against very big odds.

A victory against pressure from other European countries; against the Irish government, and against all political parties represented in Parliament, except for Sinn Fein; against bosses’ organizations and most trade union leaders.

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