Fishing monkeys discovered in Indonesia

This video from Singapore is called Long-tailed Macaque in Bukit Timah.

From Associated Press:

Monkeys that go fishing discovered

What prompted behavior in primates remains a mystery

June 10, 2008

BANGKOK, ThailandLong-tailed macaque monkeys have a reputation for knowing how to find food — whether it be grabbing fruit from jungle trees or snatching a banana from a startled tourist.

Now, researchers say they have discovered groups of the silver-haired primates in Indonesia that fish.

Groups of long-tailed macaques were observed four times over the past eight years scooping up small fish with their hands and eating them along rivers in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan and North Sumatra provinces, according to researchers from The Nature Conservancy and the Great Ape Trust.

The species had been known to eat fruit and forage for crabs and insects, but never before fish from rivers.

Other research on monkeys in Indonesia: here.

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