Polish troops will leave Iraq

This is a November 4, 2002 anti Iraq war video from the USA; with Noam Chomsky.

From AFP news agency:

WARSAW – Polish forces will be out of Iraq by the middle of October, Defence Minister Bogdan Klich confirmed in a radio interview Saturday. …

“It will be an important ceremony which will end our political responsibility for the whole region,” he said, adding that the last Polish soldier will exit Iraq “in mid-October”.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who came to power in October 2007, pledged a quick withdrawal from Iraq during his election campaign. The mandate of the 900 troops in the deployment was subsequently extended to the end of October 2008.

The previous conservative government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski was intent on maintaining a Polish presence in Iraq despite widespread public opposition. …

The Afghanistan mission is almost as unpopular as that in Iraq, polls show, but Tusk’s government has not signalled any moves to pull out.

Workers’ rights under attack in Poland: here. And here.

Georgia Crisis Propels a Bad Polish Deal: here.

Missile agreement with Poland intensifies danger of US-Russian clash: here.

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