Ancient Pictish stone discovered in Shetland islands

This video from Scotland is called Aberlemno Church Pictish Stone.

From The Shetland Times in Scotland:

06 June 2008

Pictish stone found by gravedigger most significant in decade – expert

Heather Baillache

A PICTISH stone found in Cunningsburgh has been described as the most important archaeological discovery in Shetland for 10 years.

It was found in Mail cemetery by gravedigger Malcolm Smith, his second such find in 16 years.

The sculptured stone is inscribed with mysterious symbols and dates back to the dark ages.

It is the ninth stone of its kind to be discovered in the same area in the last 130 years.

Its significance has been high­lighted by Dr Ian Tait, collections curator at the Shetland Museum and Archives.

“It is extremely exciting because it is a single find which was not associated with an archaeological dig. It was just found by a man in the course of his work.

“It had probably not see the light of day for a couple of centuries, but we suspect it dates back to around 700AD.”

Picts: here.

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