United States red-eyed cicadas emerging after 17 years

This video from the USA says about itself:

time lapse of brood XIV cicada emerging from nymph exoskeleton. Taken on 5-24-08 in Louisa, KY over a 2-hour period. This is a 17 year cidada of the Magicicada genus. They spend 17 years developing underground, 2 hours emerging, and a week having sex to produce the next brood. We have seen areas of the yard with emergence holes every 5″ or so, so extrapolate that over a large area to imagine how many cicadas are emerging in our 1 acre lot.

From Bucknell University in the USA:

17-year cicada brood emerging, say biologists

The cicadas are coming! The 17-year brood is now emerging in Central Pennsylvania.

Posted June 6, 2008

LEWISBURG, Pa. — Two Bucknell University biology professors who specialize in the study of insect life say Pennsylvania is about to be invaded.

The first wave of red-eyed cicadas are just beginning to emerge from their 17-year subterranean life.

Evolutionary biologist Steve Jordan was riding his bike on Route 192 toward R.B. Winter State Park in central Pennsylvania on May 30 when he noticed the first red-eyed cicadas.

It was a thing of beauty, he said.

Biological treasure

“Cicadas are one of America’s biological treasures,” said Jordan, who has also studied damsel flies in French Polynesia. “They’re an example of the biological richness in America. They’re a native species. They’re unique. We should be proud of them and take joy in them.”

Warren Abrahamson, a professor of biology at Bucknell who specializes in studying plants and insects, lives 10 miles east of the place where Jordan spotted his first sleepy cicada. Abrahamson has yet to see his own periodical cicada (genus Magicicada) this year, but he can’t wait.

Website on this: here.

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May 2011: In 250 million years of insect evolution, the appearance of new wings is thought to be unprecedented. But now this belief has been shattered with the discovery that the unusual helmet of insects of the group Membracidae, related to cicadas, is in fact a third pair of profoundly modified wings: here.

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