Ireland may vote against European Lisbon treaty

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Sinn Féín MEP Mary Lou McDonald urges a No vote on the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

From the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, paper edition, 7 June 2008, page 4; this paper is itself supportive of the European Union and the Lisbon treaty:

Lisbon treaty

Irish referendum this Thursday will decide whether the EU will have more quiet times

Many Irish don’t have a clue, or are tending to vote ‘no’

Tricia McHalle, working in a bookshop in the picturesque old city center of Galway, has firmly decided to study the pros and cons [in the referendum] this weekend. She tends to vote no. Why? “To me, a crucial point is that Irish [military] neutrality should be guaranteed. I do not want Ireland to be dragged off against its will into overseas military adventures“.

For that reason, she has voted against the Nice treaty at the earlier [2001] referendum. She thinks that the reassurances by the Irish government that neutrality is guaranteed are worth less than warnings of some (mainly Leftist) authors.

The NRC Handelsblad article continues with the headline:

Dublin [Irish government] and Brussels [European Union bureaucracy] are nervous about Irish Times poll which shows that the “no” side is winning [in the referendum campaign]

If, indeed, the “No” side in Ireland would manage to pull off a victory, against the big resources of government, big media, etc., that would be very significant. As it would be against big odds: eg, the Irish Green Party, on the “no” side in earlier European Union referendums, has dumped most of its views in order to join the present government coalition.

Arguments for a ‘no’ vote, are, eg, here. And here.

The referendum and Irish workers’ rights: here.

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