Pyramid and sphinxes discovered in Saqqara, Egypt

This video from Egypt about Saqqara says about itself:

Visit Djoser‘s Step Pyramid temple complex, explore Pharaoh Teti‘s tomb, watch an archaeological dig in progress.

From Egyptology News:

A team of Egyptian experts have discovered the remains of a pyramid which has been covered with sand since the nineteenth dynasty in the necropolis of Saqqara, 20km southeast of Cairo. The announcement was made by Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Anqituities in a communication in which he said that the pyramid is located by the side of the [pyramid of] Pharaoh Teti, the first monarch of the Sixth Dynasty.

Owner of ‘Headless Pyramid‘ identified: here.

See also here. And here.

Also from Egyptology News:

The SCA have announced that a team of Egyptian archaeologists have found a part of an ancient avenue of Sphinxes at Saqqara. According to the information released by the SCA the avenue was [m]entioned in Graecoroman manuscripts and other documents which were found near the Serapeum, a nearby funerary complex in which sacred bulls were interred. The avenue dates to the Ptolemaic period and was discovered during recent excavations in that part of Saqqara.

7 June 1991 – Dr Zahi Hawass Announces the Discovery of Pyramid Builder’s Cemetery, Giza: here.

The mastaba of Mereruka in Saqqara: here.

Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said on 23/6/2009 that a group of Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed a number of ushabtis – an ushabti is a funerary figurine placed in a tomb as a substitute for the deceased, should he/she be called upon to do manual labor in the afterlife – and remains of animal bones and birds inside a hole near the Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara: here.

Avenue of Sphinxes, Luxor: here.

Renovations resumed at Djoser’s Step Pyramid: here.

Great sphinx covered in snow, photo here.

7 thoughts on “Pyramid and sphinxes discovered in Saqqara, Egypt

  1. During that era noted as the fall of Man … this era must also include the almost a countless number of Pyramid shaped Manuel Power Facilities falling from their High Celestial places…. it was also during this time that many of these Ancient Pyramid objects showed themselves in their Gleaming Colorful and Light Weight Exotic materials as they seemed to just float in mid air in their downward decline and dis-placement.
    Each giant Pyramid Structure contained a Mystic Glowing Eye which was a Field of Highly accelerated Plasma Energy roaring of a great power as the Pyramid’s Eye generating it’s steady glow of Light. These Mystic Eye-lets being just one of the Pyramid’s power Facilities, which had become contaminated causing a fall in their accelerated marc of Quantum Frequency. It was such a contamination of Eye-let Plasma Cores and their associated mass core that caused their Worlds to fall from High Celestial places.

    Several falling Pyramid Facilities lowered themselves and their attached Land-scape from upper positions to settle richly flourishing soil atop the crust of Earth’s newly evolving surface. Other Facilities with their contaminated Power Facilities settled their Mystical Cities, or mobile and flying crafts in hidden areas throughout the planet and other distant places.

    For a period of time all driven Ancient Pyramid Structures which had settled atop this planet remained visible to outside residence of this early evolving rock. Some were seen only temporarily as their gleaming structures and cities passed through visual view of Earth’s reality. This is the era when there were Giants in the land.
    As time past, each fallen Pyramid’s Eye-let Fields of Accelerated Plasma Energy (which such Energy was referred to as the Spirit of MAN), and each their plasmatomic reactor core (which were referred to as the Flesh of MAN) …
    Each of these power Facilities had to under go a purging process …..
    Such purging procedures caused a ‘Smelting Electric Furnace’ back-up of hot flowing minerals which filled every open area of the Pyramid’s inner structural design … and a back-up burst of extreem heat caused a Crystallizing of the eye-let’s Field of accelerated energy …. such a mystic crystallizing gave shape to a center placed mold of the Pyramid’s Central Casing of it’s control modules which were referred to as a Crystal Skull …
    After purging and solidifying of minerals, the actual Structure of each Exotic Pyramid continuing in it’s frequency de-acceleration, did vanish from view to set in what is referred to as the first level of the Eighth Universal Plane, which is below a Dividing Firmament of space and time. Some refer to this zone as the first level of Hell or purgatory.
    As Exotic Structures of each Pyramid vanished from the surface of this planet, each left behind a ‘Molded Stone Image’ of the inner Pyramid’s overall Facility … and also it left behind the ‘Global Eyelet‘s Crystallized Mold’ with it’s center placed ‘Crystallized Skull’ … But these such true ‘Mystic Formation of the Skull’ would have been as the elements of a priceless jewel … For each such Global and Crystallized Mold which had formed there inside the Pyramid’s Eye-let, were in their later discovery, referred to as the Mother Load of diamonds … One such molded image has been referred to as King Solomon’s Mine.
    Before the falling from High Celestial Place, and before contamination of Accelerated Plasma Cores, and before the Crystallizing of Accelerated Plasma Energy … each Eyelet of Energy would periodically weep crystallized precious stones as such stones would seem to appear in mid air and drop as tears, to later flow as a river of precious stones … and later to be discovered inner mixed with solidified rock minerals.


  2. Hi Evelyn, that is a long comment. Please, on what Egyptological research do you base this?

    Your point on “High Celestial places” is a link to discussion on whether space aliens or ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. See here.


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