Actress Saffron Burrows on Pinochet and Blair Peach

This video is about Pinochet’s crimes in Chile.

From British daily The Independent:

My Secret Life: Saffron Burrows, Actress, age 35

Interview by Charlotte Philby

Saturday, 31 May 2008

The moment that changed me for ever … was the death of [Clement] Blair Peach [the New Zealand-born teacher who, during a demonstration [against nazis] in London in 1979, was killed allegedly as a result of police brutality]. My family were in some way connected to him; I was only seven, but it was a major event even for me. I can clearly remember seeing the posters with the images of the policeman.

My greatest inspiration … is love.

My real-life villain … is Augusto Pinochet. Of course, he’s not the only dictator who behaved in such an extraordinary way – there have been many regimes that have been pretty objectionable in the last century – but his legacy has survived. I have a few Chilean friends in London who have been very much affected by the way the government operated. …

My life in seven words … Big, tall, reckless, precipitous, straddling two centuries.


Saffron Dominique Burrows was born in London on 21 October 1972. The actress and former fashion model is also known for her political activism. Having joined an anti-racism group aged 11, she later became vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement. Following her relationship with director Mike Figgis, she announced she was bi-sexual in 1999. Burrows’ films include Circle of Friends, Miss Julie, Frida and Troy. She lives in Los Angeles and currently stars in Dangerous Parking, in cinemas now.

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that it is to review the evidence in the case of anti-fascist campaigner Blair Peach – 30 years after his death: here.

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