Young avocet, mating redshanks

This is another avocet video, including chicks.

This morning, the young great spotted woodpeckers in the tree got a visit from their father.

In the Formerumerbos, a speckled wood butterfly.

Near the Wadden coast, many dunlin. And eider ducks.

Later, a juvenile avocet. And two redshanks mating.

Then, a spoonbill, and adult avocets.

This is my last evening on bicycle through the farmland, with black-tailed godwits flying closely overhead. I will remember this place fondly.

9 thoughts on “Young avocet, mating redshanks

  1. Great video Kitty. I’ve never seen an Avocet in real life, and the chicks are lovely. I think I live too far north and there is less habitat for them up here, a pity. There is a massive water park reserve being developed near where I live now (from when they dug out millions of tons of gravel) and its already becoming well known for its variety of water birds and lots of other wildlife – magic! I’m planning a trip to see what I can capture on film, I’ll let you know how I get on. Take care and best wishes, SN


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