Why are most hated celebrities women?

This is a music video of Amy Winehouse Back to Black.

From the British Broadcasting Corporation:

Whether it’s Heather Mills or Kerry Katona, the celebrities that ordinary people vilify seem disproportionately to be female. Why?

hate, v. 1. trans. To hold in very strong dislike; to detest; to bear malice to

Hate’s a strong word, but how many people in Britain who ever read a newspaper can honestly say they’ve never applied the word to a celebrity – celebrities in most cases that they’ve never met.

From Queen of the Jungle to Tabloid Folk Devil: Kerry Katona as ‘White Trash Mother’
Academic paper on celebrity

And if you’ve honestly racked your brains and come up with a list of the celebrities you “bear malice to”, how many of them are female?

In a survey this week, by Marketing magazine [in Britain], the respondents’ top five most loved celebrities were men – Paul McCartney, Lewis Hamilton, Gary Lineker, Simon Cowell and David Beckham. Of the five most hated, the top four were women – Heather Mills, Amy Winehouse, Victoria Beckham and Kerry Katona.

How celebrities stay famous regardless of talent: here.

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