A Leftist view on Orange County, USA

Rebecca Schoenkopf

From British daily The Morning Star:

A ‘Commie Girl‘ in California

(Sunday 11 May 2008)

Commie Girl in the OC by Rebecca Schoenkopf
(Verso, £9.99)

IF you’re anything unlike me, you will know “the OC” – Orange County, California – from the teen soap aired on Channel 4. I’ve never seen the dratted thing, so all I have is the vague impression of wealthy Yanks with great teeth and computer-generated hair arsing about in Mercedes Benzes having affairs and voting Republican.

Vaguely Gonzo-style journalist “Commie Girl” – aka Rebecca Schoenkopf – admits from the off that there is a lot of truth to this stereotype of a land populated by smug, “Versace-decked, Chardonnay-swilling, Humvee-crashing” bourgeois, but wishes to plead the case for an alternative OC, where “liberal” sensibilities still survive and real humans live vibrant lives.

Commie Girl lives in Orange County and writes for one of its few leftish newspapers. From this base, she ventures out to bring you slices of Americana, descriptions of nights spent with second division lounge singers and punk club owners. She also gatecrashes local meetings of the conservative right and government seminars on “the evil of drugs.”

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