Poetry in Haarlem on 11 May

This 2013 video is about Dutch poet A.C.G. Vianen.

Today, to a poetry festival in Haarlem.

Though this was a poetry day, this reports begins with birds and ends with birds.

From the train to Haarlem, common terns and great crested grebes.

I read my poetry next to Teyler’s museum, in Koffiesalon ‘t Teylertje, Spaarne 4.

Well, really in front of that cafe, as the weather was fine.

Of my poems, especially the one about a worker working for the same boss for fifty years, and then getting an empty envelope from the boss, was appreciated.

Other poets participating at ‘t Teylertje were:

Mirjam Al
Merik van der Torren
Hanny Hazelaar
Koos Hagen
Ad Koenraadt
Nico Kreuk
Guda Vriesman
Louis Lazaroms
Jarl van Maltha
Dorothé Rodenburg-Glorie
Joke Tesselaar.

About 70 other poets were participating elsewhere in the inner city of Haarlem.

As I walked back to the railway station, an Egyptian goose near a canal.

Later, east of Weesp from the train, a male marsh harrier.

2 thoughts on “Poetry in Haarlem on 11 May

  1. Hi Kitty, I just wanted you to know that I am back trying to blog again. Not too sure what direction I’ll be taking. Poetry is mentioned in the name of the blog, but I don’t seem to have much poetry in me lately. I might tell some stories, maybe make a couple of observations. Maybe vent a little spleen.


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