Grass snake and goshawk

This is a video about the Ankeveense plassen.

Today, to Ankeveense plassen nature reserve.

Before we got there, rheas and llamas at the same farm as last November.

Just before Ankeveen village, close to a cycle track in a meadow, a grey heron, and Egyptian geese behind it.

Barn swallows flying; the sound of edible frogs,

It was very unexpected to, on the same day that I have blogged about young grass snakes, actually to see one. Not 2,500 juvenile snakes, like in that blog, just one. But even that is more than many people see in their whole lives.

The snake was lying on a water-lily leaf. Then, it started swimming. The leaf was still reddish, as this is early in the season for water lilies and the leaves get green only later. Yellow pond lily leaves are still under water here now. However, once above water, they are green immediately.

As our boat starts, a buzzard high in the sky.

First, we pass the 400 meter track of the local speed skating club, which is over a century old. The track is water now, as speed skating is only possible in below zero winters here.

Then, the boat continues to the lakes. Our guide tells us that gray leg geese start breeding here at the end of February. They nest on small islets, where foxes cannot come. Last year, 12 black tern couples bred here; and there were 42 black-headed gull nests.

Two Canada geese pass. So does a common tern.

We hear cuckoo and reed warbler sounds. A white stork overhead.

A hobby and a great cormorant fly past.

Swan mussels on the lake bottom.

Willow warblers singing.

Marsh ferns on the banks.

Two great crested grebes on the lake. A dragonfly sits down on a T-shirt in the boat; too fast to see which species.

Acorus calamus growing at the water’s edge.

Yesterday, our guide says, he saw little grebes here; but not today.

We pass a big buzzard nest in a tree not far from the water.

Great water dock and milk parsley on the banks.

Just before we get out of the boat, an angry mute swan flies up from the water, then lands, and swims close to the boat.

As we get out of the boat, a male goshawk flies overhead.

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