Nazi criminals still free

This video is called The Mauthausen Concentration Camp.

From British daily The Independent:

Wanted: The last Nazis

They are accused of some of the worst war crimes of the 20th century. Now a final bid has been launched to bring them to justice before they die

By Claire Soares

Thursday, 1 May 2008

At first glance, the mugshots appear to be a gallery of roguish grandfathers, but the octo- and nonagenarians are the 10 most-wanted fugitives of one of the most heinous regimes the world has ever seen. They are the last remaining Nazis, and the codename of the hunt to find them – Operation Last Chance – says it all.

More than 60 years after the Nuremberg trials put the first of Hitler’s henchmen in the dock, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre yesterday released its most wanted list of the remaining Nazi war criminals. The battle to bring them to justice is complicated by a mix of political apathy, legal wrangling, legendary powers of evasion and what Nazi-hunters term “misplaced sympathy” for the craggy-faced men in their twilight years.

“They are old, and the natural tendency is to be sympathetic toward people when they reach a certain age, but the passage of time in no way diminishes the guilt of the perpetrators,” said Efraim Zuroff, the Jerusalem-based director of the Wiesenthal Centre. “If we were to put a chronological limit on prosecution, we would basically be saying you can get away with genocide.”

The top target is Aribert Heim, now 93. Jewish prisoners at Mauthausen concentration camp probably knew better him as “Doctor Death”. The Austrian medic would inject petrol and an array of different poisons straight into the hearts of his so-called patients to see which killed them fastest. He once removed the tattooed flesh of a prisoner and turned it into soft furnishings for his commandant’s flat.

An 18-year-old Jewish footballer and swimmer who was sent to Heim with an inflammation of the foot was knocked out, castrated and then decapitated. His head was boiled to remove the flesh and his skull was put on display.

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