Japanese protests against militarism and G8

This video in English is called No G8 Japan 2008.

From Isao Matsuda in Japan:

Dear friends in the world,

from Osaka in Japan

Many actions are prepared in various parts of Kansai towards G8 Summit meeting in July.

Although unified movement is prepared in Kyoto and Kobe, it is behind in Osaka.

There are motions of some groups towards the Ministers-of-Finance meeting on June 12. But, they are not unified.

We appeal for this unification and are preparing action on that day or the previous day.

As a step for that, we will rally against the G8 Summit meeting and against changing Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan on May 3 that is the memorial day of Constitution.

Stop amending of Article 9 of Constitution! Oppose G8 Summit enforcing war, gap and poverty! joint action May 3

on May 3, Saturday From 1:00 p.m.
in main hole of Inhabitants’ Center of Osaka Kita-ward
at 4:30 p.m. start march up to Umeda

* program

1. Problem submission; about G8 and Constitution
by Noboru Ogawa — chief organiser
2. Main lecture about G8 Summit;
by Mr.Yoshihiko Motoyama — Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University (international economist)

3. Special report;
by Mr.Yoshinori Ikezumi — head of the complainants who lodged a complaint and won in the Nagoya High Court against Self-Defense-Forces’ sending-troops to Iraq that is violation-of-the-Constitution

4. Another speech
1) by Mr.Nishihama — Representative of the trial support liaison committee about the work of Mr. Kenzaburo Ohe who are the most famous novelist in Japan
2) by the junior-high school teacher who fought the “Kimigayo” non-stood up action in Kadoma city (Osaka pref.)
3) etc…

If you are in Japan, please participate.

If not, I am pleased if you can send some messages in English, in order to heap up a movement against the Minister-of-Finance meeting in June, and G8 Summit meeting in July,

Destination kyodokodo080503@yahoo.co.jp

Isao Matsuda

See also here.

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