Mandarin ducks and little grebes

This is a Japanese video of a male and a female mandarin duck. Another mandarin duck video is here.

Today, back to Zanderij Crailo nature reserve.

The young coots in the lake closest to the entrance of the reserve had grown since two weeks ago.

This time, first near, then in, the same lake, also a male and a female mandarin duck.

In the lake on the opposite side of the path, three gray leg geese couples, all with chicks.

Mute swans and mallards.

Common broom flowering near the nature bridge.

At the top of the tower of the nature bridge, we heard that many roe deer, foxes, rabbits, hares and badgers used the bridge for crossing.

From the tower, we could hear and see two little grebes in the northern lake. Near the bank, Egyptian geese.

Many barn swallows flying over the water. Great cormorants sitting in a tree, as three buzzards were flying overhead.

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