Flycatcher and sparrowhawk

This video is about a spotted flycatcher nest in a garden in the Netherlands.

So, now a report on Monday 21 April; last of my four days in Slangenburg nature reserve, after my earlier reports.

Early in the morning, a squirrel crosses the road from the deer park to the trees.

Two grey lag geese flying overhead.

A wren sings.

We continue to the marsh. The Egyptian geese with their chicks are still there. This time, with two grey lag geese for company; no common sandpipers or roe deer this time.

At the next marsh, four northern lapwings are driving a buzzard away.

A male brimstone butterfly.

A sparrowhawk flies near the third marsh. A spotted flycatcher in a tree.

A short-toed treecreeper and a nuthatch close together.

In the afternoon, a blackcap sings in a tree close to the deer park.

A sparrowhawk drives a buzzard away.

Orange tip and brimstone butterflies.

More on Orange tips: here.

Evolution of Satyrinae butterflies: here.

Butterflies in Britain: here.

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