Shelducks and black-necked swans

Black-necked swan, Cygnus melancoryphus

Many grey lag geese and a great cormorant in the Naardermeer today.

Later, the train passed a small ditch, between the railroad line and a road, north of Nieuw Vennep. Somewhat surprisingly, two shelducks swam there. A bit further, a male tufted duck. Still further, two Egyptian geese grazing on the bank of the ditch. Then, a male and a female tufted duck. An oystercatcher on a meadow.

Also, black-necked swans from South America (in captivity, however).

Just north of The Hague, grey lag geese in a meadow.

For all of you waiting for the next post on this blog about Slangenburg nature reserve: don’t worry, it will come.

Black swans in Britain: here.

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