8 thoughts on “Paraguayan dictator Stroessner’s party loses election at last


    FORESTS ALERT! Join Local Peoples in Resisting Paraguay’s
    Devastation by Genetically Modified Soya Monocultures

    By Ecological Internet’s Forests.org, http://forests.org/
    Partnering with Salva la Selva, http://www.salvalaselva.org/
    October 26, 2008


    Deforestation, eviction, drought and murder are too high of
    price to pay for toxic soybeans

    In Paraguay, genetically modified (GM) soya plantations,
    planted in vast toxic monocultures, are the main cause of
    deforestation, destruction and pollution of other ecosystems,
    and violence and eviction of small farmers and indigenous
    peoples. Paraguay has nearly 2.6 million hectares of soy
    plantations for animal feed exports and, more recently, for
    agrofuel. The remnants of Paraguay’s Atlantic Forest and of
    the Alto Parana forest, as well as wetlands, grasslands and
    rivers are being destroyed and polluted by the expansion of
    immense soya fields. Deforestation is worsening global warming
    and also causing severe regional warming and droughts.

    Local peoples are resisting ecocide bravely, and against long
    odds, and need our support. Please write to the authorities
    in Paraguay and urge them to fully support small farmers and
    their demands for protection from pesticide spraying, unlawful
    evictions, environmental destruction and pollution; while
    supporting their demands for food sovereignty and land reform.




  2. Lugo celebrates second anniversary

    Paraguay: President Fernando Lugo has celebrated his second anniversary in power with a mass rally in the centre of the country’s capital Asuncion.

    Recounting how the nation had endured seven decades of rule by the far right – including a 35-year-long dictatorship under General Alfredo Stroessner – Mr Lugo declared that Paraguayans now had a government that “unites the people.”

    “Now we can forget about the hatred of so many decades and leave behind the pessimism and lies and celebrate a new, hopeful Paraguay,” he said.



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