Roe deer and little grebes near nature bridge

This is a video of a roe deer.

Today, to the nature bridge north of Hilversum.

As soon as we arrived in the Zanderij Crailo area, a roe deer ran past.

The nature bridge here is the biggest ecoduct in the world.

Roe deer have crossed the bridge.

We walked along the Heimans Zwerfkeienpad. This path is in memory of Dutch geologist Heimans, about 100 years ago; and of the Ice Age about 150,000 years ago, when glaciers from Scandinavia made the hills and brought the big rocks here.

Three barn swallows flying past; the first ones I saw this spring.

Walking on a boardwalk through a shallow lake, a mute swan nesting. And a little grebe calling.

A bit further: coots and oystercatchers on a meadow.

In the lake there, two little grebes swimming and calling. Will these rare birds nest here?

Many buzzards flying overhead.

There are new-born lambs in the Drenthe sheep flock near the visitors’ centre.

Walking back: two adult coots with five new-born chicks. And in the lake on the other side of the path, grey lag geese with four chicks.

In the forest, a nuthatch sitting on one of the nest boxes.

Dutch ecoduct with special bat-friendly lights: here.

9 thoughts on “Roe deer and little grebes near nature bridge

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