Roe deer and little grebes near nature bridge

This is a video of a roe deer.

Today, to the nature bridge north of Hilversum.

As soon as we arrived in the Zanderij Crailo area, a roe deer ran past.

The nature bridge here is the biggest ecoduct in the world.

Roe deer have crossed the bridge.

We walked along the Heimans Zwerfkeienpad. This path is in memory of Dutch geologist Heimans, about 100 years ago; and of the Ice Age about 150,000 years ago, when glaciers from Scandinavia made the hills and brought the big rocks here.

Three barn swallows flying past; the first ones I saw this spring.

Walking on a boardwalk through a shallow lake, a mute swan nesting. And a little grebe calling.

A bit further: coots and oystercatchers on a meadow.

In the lake there, two little grebes swimming and calling. Will these rare birds nest here?

Many buzzards flying overhead.

There are new-born lambs in the Drenthe sheep flock near the visitors’ centre.

Walking back: two adult coots with five new-born chicks. And in the lake on the other side of the path, grey lag geese with four chicks.

In the forest, a nuthatch sitting on one of the nest boxes.

Dutch ecoduct with special bat-friendly lights: here.


US helicopter kills US soldiers in Iraq

This is a video of a United States veteran, called Stop Iraq War Troop Escalation.

From Associated Press:

US strike kills own soldiers in Baghdad

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The US military says an Apache helicopter has accidentally destroyed one of its own armoured vehicles in eastern Baghdad. …

Iraqi police confirm that a Humvee was set ablaze in the Mashtal area of eastern Baghdad. They say two US soldiers and three Iraqi civilians were wounded and that American troops immediately blocked off the neighbourhood.

Racism in British parliament

This is a video about racism in Britain.

From British weekly The Observer:

Racism rife in Commons, says MP

Dawn Butler, one of only two black women in the House, speaks out about the discrimination she has suffered from politicians of all parties

Amelia Hill and Jo Revill

Sunday April 13 2008

The House of Commons, held up as a beacon of democracy, has a ‘dirty little secret’, according to black MPs – its racism.

Dawn Butler, only the third black woman ever to have become an MP, said she faced such frequent racism from politicians of all parties that she had to ‘pick her battles’ to avoid being constantly in conflict with her colleagues. Disillusioned by what she has found, she is calling for a dedicated complaints department with the power to suspend politicians and send them on awareness training courses.

‘I thought people in Parliament would be progressive. It is still a shock that they are not,’ she said. ‘Over the past 400-plus years, the only black people – and black women in particular – in Parliament have been there to cook and clean. For some politicians, it’s still a shock to come face to face with a black women with any real power. Racism and sexism is Parliament’s dirty little secret.’

She is backed by Diane Abbott, the only other black woman in the Commons, who said that she had suffered 20 years of prejudice. ‘In the beginning, some of it was sheer ignorance. I remember being shocked when a Labour MP asked me once whether we celebrated Christmas in Jamaica,’ said Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

‘It has not helped that the Labour party powers-that-be have always seen me as “uppity” but I have dealt with the racism and misogyny by reaching out to other black women.’

Butler, who won the Brent South seat in 2005 when she was 35, described how shocked she was by the attitude of a senior Conservative who challenged her right to have a drink on the Commons’ Thameside terrace, a privilege reserved for MPs.

In an article written for the Fawcett Society’s new collection of essays, Seeing Double: Race and Gender in Ethnic Minority Women’s Lives, Butler describes how former Tory minister David Heathcote-Amory confronted her as she went to sit in the members’ section on the terrace. ‘He actually said to me: “What are you doing here? This is for members only.”

‘He then proceeded to ask me: “Are you a member?” And I said: “Yes I am, are you?” And he turned around and said to his colleague: “They’re letting anybody in nowadays.”

‘This man could not equate the image he saw in front of him with that of an MP.

It seems unthinkable over here, but there are now more women than men in the Spanish cabinet. So why is British politics so male-dominated compared to the rest of Europe? See here.

Racism at British Airways: here.

Asian women in Britain: here.