British High Court condemns Blair in BAE corruption scandal

This is a BBC video on the Blair-BAE corruption scandal.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Secrets and sleaze

(Thursday 10 April 2008)

THE government must respond to the High Court decision that the Serious Fraud Office acted illegally in dropping its probe of the BAE-Saudi arms deal by immediately reinstituting the inquiry.

It was scandalous that Tony Blair was able to suborn his pliable attorney general Lord Goldsmith in December 2006 to put pressure on the SFO to do his dirty work.

It was even more of a scandal that not a single member of his Cabinet was prepared to speak out and, if necessary, to resign in protest at this blatantly political interference in judicial proceedings, making them all equally culpable.

Fortunately, campaigners Corner House and the Campaign Against Arms Trade were more principled and determined to ensure that this stinking can of worms was brought to public attention.

See also here. And here. And here.

Update 24 April 2008: here.

Update 6 May 2008: here.

Update 7 May 2008: here.

Gordon Brown yesterday won Conservative backing for a move that would allow the government to block future criminal investigations such as the corruption case against the arms company BAE Systems: here.

Labour critics of Gordon Brown: here.

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