Graffitti artists against Iraq war

This video is called Iraq War Q&A: 5) How can Americans stop the US government? It says about itself:

On 8 December 2007 Dahr Jamail, an award winning American journalist who is best known as one of the few unembedded journalists to report extensively from the Iraq War, spoke to roughly 200 people at the Vancouver planetarium in British Columbia Canada about his book, “Beyond the Green Zone”, and the catastrophic occupation of Iraq.

From Art Threat blog:

Forgive my brevity, but another great book has hit the shelves of fine bookstores everywhere. Street Art and the War on Terror: How the World’s Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq War by Eleanor Mathieson and Xavier Tapies, is full of amazing images and graphics from around the world, all of them offering commentary and confrontation to perhaps the most unpopular war ever launched.

Iraqi artists: here.

From Art for a Change blog in the USA:

Kurt Brian Webb & the Dance of Death

War: Dance of Death in Black, White, and Blood Red All Over, is the name of a timely exhibition of woodcuts now on view at Los Angeles’ A Shenere Velt Gallery. Printmaker Kurt Brian Webb’s blunt, no-nonsense graphic style makes clear an unequivocal opposition to the forces of war and militarism through prints that are at once honest, sardonic, and mordantly funny

Also from Art for a Change:

LA vs. War promises to be one of the largest antiwar cultural happenings in the recent history of Los Angeles.

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