Women much worse off in Bush’s ‘new’ Iraq

This video is called Iraqi women and rape by the forces of order in Iraq. Her name is Sabreen Al Janabi.

From Feminist Daily News Wire in the USA:

April 1, 2008

Iraqi Women Face Increased Human Rights Violations in Post-Invasion Iraq

Iraqi women’s rights are eroding instead of improving in post-invasion Iraq. Women’s rights have had a prominent place in the Bush administration’s democracy rhetoric, but in reality women and children have faced increased hardship since the invasion.

The weekly news blog Alive in Baghdad stated on Monday, “As the ongoing insecurity and instability in Iraq enters its sixth year, the situation of women sees few signs of improving.”

Alternet reports that Iraq’s poverty, malnutrition, lack of health services, and a crumbling infrastructure have hit women the hardest. Seventy percent of the internally displaced persons (IDPs), or refugees, are women and children. Political violence by religious extremists has also been committed against women as more rigid dress codes are being enforced.

CNN reports that, after having decreased last summer, civilian deaths in Iraq skyrocketed in March to 923 civilians. According to UNICEF, the United Nations’ children’s agency, modern war disproportionately affects women and children. There are more civilian casualties as a result of war today. The Iraq Body Count estimates that between 82, 625 and 90,149 civilians have been killed in Iraq since the invasion. Twenty percent of those deaths are women and children.

Media Resources: Alternet 03/31/08; Alive in Baghdad 03/31/08; UNICEF; Iraq Body Count 04/01/08; CNN 04/01/08

The Iraq Body Count figures are based on those Iraqi civilian deaths reported by Western media. As by far most Iraqi civilians die without Western media reporting about it, this means big underestimations. Far more realistic figures, pounting at over a million Iraqi deaths since Bush invaded in 2003, are by Johns Hopkins University from the USA, and the ORB agency from Britain.

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